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I am Dan Bikle, Founder of

At, I occupy the sole leadership position.

I graduated from California Institute of Technology in 1988 with a degree in Electrical Engineering:

Caltech Ranking

From 1988 to 2011 I filled a wide variety of technical roles mostly related to both Software Development and IT operations.

As Founder of, my roles are easy to label.

Product Manager


As Product Manager, I understand the simple desire to predict the future.

I transform that desire into a UI specification which helps me see both future opportunities and past effectiveness of my technology.

The UI specification has three major components:
  • How the UI will look
  • How the UI will behave when given inputs from data sources
  • How the UI will behave when given inputs from you the end-user
I use ideas from "Behavior Driven Development" to specify the behavior of to the Engineering Manager:

Engineering Manager


As Engineering Manager, I transform those UI specifications into software which tests both the UI and the back-end technology which feeds data to the UI.

In addition to these software tests, I build the software which is being tested.

The software I write has a modular nature. And, my initial effort to build each piece is focused on building tests for each piece. After the tests are written, I use their output to help me write my modular software.

As I build modules, I eventually ask them to work in concert.

Once this request is apparent, I build more tests which ensure the modules play well together.

At this point I will often use the behavioral tests written by Dan the Product Manager.

Then I write the actual software which choreographs the behavior of the modules and implements the site behavior which allows you the end-user to interact with the site.

This idea of building tests first is often referred to as "Test Driven Development":

Operations Manager


As Operations Manager I launched the site. Then, each day, I ensure the site behaves as specified by the behavioral tests written by Dan the Product Manager.

Additionally I report bugs (and enhancement requests from end-users) to Dan the Product Manager.

It is his job to code up behavioral tests which will indicate success/failure once the bugs are fixed.

Then the behavioral tests are sent to Dan the Engineering Manager who then enhances the software behind the site until the tests indicate the bugs are fixed.

As Operations Manager, I ensure that this iterative process moves quickly.

Marketing Manager


As Marketing Manager I market the site to a vast supply of end-users. I drive traffic to the site and ensure that the site is well known among finance speculators. A secondary supply of end-users is the community of practitioners of Predictive Analytics:

Finance Manager


As Finance Manager I optimize the flow of cash into the site to ensure that total benefits enjoyed by the investors surpass the sum of investments from the investors.